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May 19, 2014 / jilleun

Arches National Park

We went to Arches National Park this past weekend for a day and it was a lot of fun. Neither one of us are super outdoories, but one day was just great for us. We went on two small hikes: the Delicate Arch and the Windows Loop. Then we ate in Moab at Milt’s which was good but took forever. Kelvin fell asleep at 8:30 which is the earliest I think he’s fallen asleep in our whole marriage, we were pretty tired but a good tired.

January 6, 2014 / jilleun

Year 2013!

Well 2013 has come and gone! I think we blogged a total of 4 times and one of those was recapping 2012. I’m not making any promises that we’ll blog more this year, I actually have three blog posts started but not finished, they’ve been sitting there for months. But I like looking back on what we’ve done through the year (there wasn’t much I could reminisce about this time though). This year was busy, busy, busy. Throw in: becoming home owners, two car accidents, going through 3 different jobs (me, not Kelvin), traveling, families, and school. As you can see blogging wasn’t very high on that list so… yeah.

There were plenty of crap days this past year but there were far better days.

January was the month of sickness, school, and soccer. There’s never much going on in January because it’s right after the craziness of the end of the year/holidays. But, Kelvin was on his company soccer team for a while, I was back in school, and this was the first of I believe 7+ (between the two of us) different times Kelvin and I were sick with something or rather.

February was probably my least favorite month this year because of our dreadful car accident. It wasn’t our fault, and we both were injury free, but it totaled our car (specifically my car), that we’d had for less than 6 months.  The highlight of our month was Valentine’s Day. I snuck into Kelvin’s office the night before put up a giant poster I had made and left him his candy and cards. Kelvin did equally well and got me flowers and chocolate cake, loved both!

March we bought a new car, we watched a documentary every night (and blogged about it), I went to the U to see Anjelah Johnson with my friend Kim, and we were housing hunting with the rest of our time.

April the main thing I remember about this month is that we found our house, put on offer on it, and signed for it. Kelvin went to a Ruby Conference in SLC with some of his co-workers for a day that was specific to DevOps personnel.

May we moved into our first home! I flew out to California to surprise my sister for her baby shower. Then we had car accident #2, again not our fault, both injury free, and yes it was our new car.

June was a great kick off for our fun summer we went to a Ben Folds/Barenaked Ladies concert. We adjusted to living in our own home and all the glory that comes with it read: pulling weeds. Most memorable: we dog sat for Kelvin’s old brother while he went on vacation.

July was filled with Frisbee golf at the golf park by our house. We also had our first house guest! One of my best friends from California came to visit for a weekend with her husband before they moved back east for law school. July also happens to be one of my favorite months because it’s the only month I didn’t have a single day of school.

August was busy! Kelvin and I went to California for my two older siblings babies blessings! (That’s two different siblings, both with newborns.) Kelvin’s youngest brother came home from his LDS mission in Canada, speaking Chinese. We got called to be Primary teachers for church (7-8 year olds). Then, I quit my job of 4.5 years at Stevenson’s Genealogy and Copy Center.

September put me back in school and with a new job. It was my least favorite job ever. I was a custodian for Traverse Mountain’s Outlet mall, thankfully that only lasted til the first week of November. We went to a Saves the Day concert at what used to be called Bricks, Kelvin loves them but wasn’t that impressed with the concert. Lastly, we attended our very first murder mystery party! It was put on by our Las Vegas friends Luis and Natalia, but at our friend Brent’s house. There were a lot of people involved and it was really fun to see everyone (Kelvin was the one that got murdered, so it was hard for him to participate).

October I put in my two weeks’ notice at the outlet mall, I think I celebrated for a week straight! Celebrated Kelvin’s birthday with our friends Shaun and Kim at Tucanos, it’s kind of a tradition with them since Kim and Kelvin’s birthday’s are both in October, so we use the BOGO birthday pass.

November brought me an unexpected third job of the year. I am an office assistant for MK Virtual Office, the company is a virtual office staff for Mary Kay Directors, and I love it. My SIL flew to Utah and we got to visit with her, my nephew, and her parents. I celebrated my birthday with our good friends BJ and Angelee at Black Sheep Café (my favorite!), and shopping that Saturday with my two girlfriends Kae and Hilary. For Thanksgiving my parents and two younger brothers drove from California to spend it with us and Kelvin’s family.

December We had one of my photography friends take our pictures in the snow, exactly how I had envisioned, but freezing! For Christmas we went to California, as usual. Had a quick lunch with our friends Mike and Jewel who moved out of Utah this year, they flew in to surprise their parents for the holiday’s, so glad we got to see them. To wrap it all up: we spent new years with just us in our own home.

July 17, 2013 / Kelvin Jasperson

A House!

So this is very very late and will be very very short.. we bought a house!

It’s in Lehi, we moved in the beginning of May and we love it!


The House right after the purchase

April 6, 2013 / Kelvin Jasperson

March Documentary Madness

For the entire month of March we watched one documentary per day.

We realized after having Netflix for a few years we just loved to add documentaries to our queue, but we never watched them since we were so involved in watching other things, such as TV shows we both have never seen. Jilleun decided to make us power through them. I agreed. No way would we be able to get through all of the documentaries in our queue unless we did something dramatic. #firstworldproblems

Here are the movies we watched and my tweet associated with each movie followed by what Jilleun thought of them.

  • Day 1: The Lottery. Good, but Waiting for Superman tells it better. Tweet Jilleun: Some parents will sacrifice so much for their children’s education. I’m all for charter schools and public schools if the job is getting done, like they say in the documentary they’re offering another option.
  • Day 2: A State of Mind. Man those North Koreans are crazy and brainwashed, but that was very impressive how dedicated they were to the sport Tweet Jilleun: Gosh this was really eye opening for me, I didn’t know anything about North Korea and maybe I don’t want to.
  • Day 3: Pressure Cooker. It’s amazing how the love and strong will of one teacher can help so many of her students lives. Very good film. Tweet Jilleun: So good!
  • Day 4: Freakonomics. Sometimes interesting, sometimes pointless. The different segments were too disconnected to tell a cohesive story. Tweet Jilleun: Like half of this movie went over my head, the other half was informing though.
  • Day 5: God Grew Tired of Us. Very touching story of a few Sudanese war refugees that end up in America. Eye-opening what they went through. Tweet Jilleun: Beautiful story.
  • Day 6: Dogs Decoded. Over-dramatic yet boring. The most interesting part was actually about Foxes, not dogs.. Tweet Jilleun: It was cheesy because they made it so dramatic, I also think the idea about the foxes applies to dogs, which is why I agree with putting aggressive dogs down.
  • Day 7: Inside North Korea. We watched this today because it was shorter. North Korean residents are crazy about their leader.. Wow. Tweet Jilleun: Man that place is scary.
  • Day 8: Stranded. Jilleun: A tragedy turned into a miracle. Unfortunately too long and slow. Obvious by Kelvin falling asleep. Tweet
  • Day 9: Food Matters. Interview a few crazy people about some hocus pocus, throw in some scare tactics and you got yourself a “documentary”. Tweet Jilleun: These people were all extremest, I agree with maybe 30% of what they said.
  • Day 10: No Impact Man. Inspiring but extreme. It’s neat to see he is trying to make a difference but some things are a bit over the top. +1 Tweet Jilleun: Really interesting idea, although I didn’t see the point of some of the things they did. Also super cool wife for going along with her husband’s crazy idea.
  • Day 11: Ballerina. Those girls lead really tough lives. Reminds me of those Korean dancers, except they do it for themselves not patriotism. Tweet Jilleun: Crazy that at the age of 9 they are picking a career.
  • Day 12: Between the Folds. Other than the strange directing/narrating this was genuinely captivating. Never thought of Origami like that. Tweet Jilleun: I appreciate the art form, but really I was surprised they actually use in math and other things.
  • Day 13: Steal a Pencil for Me. Miraculous story about two people thrown in a Nazi concentration camp, that survive by writing love letters. Tweet Jilleun: Beautiful love story in the middle of an awful circumstance.
  • Day 14: Deep Water. Crazy unpredictable story about an inexperienced sailor that enters a race around the world. Interesting, sad, but cool. Tweet Jilleun: This guy had some major problems before this race and the race didn’t help him.
  • Day 15: Nursery University. Wow. That process is totally screwed up, and from the movie-seems biased to people with lots of money. Just wow. Tweet Jilleun: The system is kind of disgusting, this is preschool, it doesn’t even count in the real world!
  • Day 16: Forks Over Knives. Much less over the top and more believable than Food Matters. Well done and interesting. Still not going vegan. Tweet Jilleun: This is definitely the best food documentary I’ve seen, it actually made me want to change the way I eat.
  • Day 17: 6 Days to Air. Cool but vulgar insight into the rapid pace at which South Park makes and releases crazy and creative episodes. Tweet Jilleun: They basically choose to live stressed out…not impressed.
  • Day 18: “Next: A Primer on Urban Painting”. Disconnected and boring tale of graffiti artists that just made them look more like vandals. Tweet Jilleun: Terrible, Exit through the Gift shop was way better.
  • Day 19: How Smart Are Animals?. A little overlap from the dog one, but focused on other species too. Still interesting, but what’s the point? Tweet Jilleun: Kinda of lame but still the best animal documentary I think this month.
  • Day 20: Digital Nation. Little bit of FUD, lots of old people grumpy about new technology obsoleteing their ways. A few valid points. +1 Tweet Jilleun: I agree with a lot of points they brought up, both the good and bad parts. But I am super thankful for technology.
  • Day 21: A Walk to Beautiful. Sad story about women who become incontinent after childbirth in Ethiopia. Sucks they don’t have good hospitals Tweet Jilleun: I first heard about this issue from the blog Design Mom, it’s so unbelievable so many people still live this way today.
  • Day 22: “My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story”. Boring and pointless, just a bunch of snobby people telling us how much they like their dogs.. Tweet Jilleun: Pretty dumb…
  • Day 23: Mad Hot Ballroom. Pretty entertaining story of a few 5th grade ballroom classes in NYC headed to a city-wide competition. Tweet Jilleun: Its great to see programs like this helping kids. Also crazy to hear 5th graders say they just want a boyfriend who’s not on the streets, and into drugs.
  • Day 24: Happy. Insightful show about what really brings happiness. Unlike @RagingViking I’m probably not going to move to Denmark. +1 Tweet Jilleun: I want to see this one again, it had so much fascinating information.
  • Day 25: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Very fascinating + well done film about a food I don’t even like. Lots of work goes in to a little bit of food Tweet Jilleun: Super impressive, almost makes me want to like sushi.
  • Day 26: First Position. Similar to Ballerina but with a better story and stronger focus on the dancers background. Inspiring, enthralling. Tweet Jilleun: I like this one because it has stories of boys and girls, all different ages, and in different parts of the world.
  • Day 27: I worked really late and we didn’t actually end up watching a  movie this day. Tweet
  • Day 28: Urbanized. Nice and creative documentary about Urban planning. Not something that crosses my mind very often. Eye opening. Tweet Jilleun: This documentary was really intriguing. I felt like I learned so much.
  • Day 29: The Business of Being Born. Spreading FUD about hospitals. Also, the nastiest thing I’ve ever half-watched (covered my eyes a lot). Tweet Jilleun: Well I don’t know too many guys that could watch this one so fair warning. I thought it was really cool honestly.
  • Day 30: Buck. Nice guy horseman that teaches people to train their horses. Good story, interesting enough to watch, not terribly exciting. Tweet Jilleun: Sad but a happy ending, goes to show you can be successful, with your job and personal relationships, despite your background.
  • Day 31: Craigslist Joe. Very good movie about a guy that lives off only Craigslist for an entire month. Just might be my favorite one. +1 Tweet Jilleun: Awesome idea and story, although he did encounter some crazies on his journey, he never once mention that or spoke badly about the people he came across.

My favorites:

  1. Tied for 1st place: God Grew Tired of Us / Craigslist Joe
  2. Buck
  3. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jilleun’s favorites:

  1. First Position
  2. A Walk to Beautiful
  3. Tied: Urbanized and Happy

We had fun with this and might even do it again soon. For those who are wondering: we made a big dent in our Netflix queue, but then we just added a whole bunch more as we were looking at movies related to the ones we had just watched. Our Instant Queue is at 60 items right now, which might actually be more than we started with :\

February 17, 2013 / jilleun

Our Story…Part 3

You can read part one and part two.

The Sunday after I met Kelvin, I attended family dinner with Kacy and her family. While we there our conversation, of course, went to boys. Kacy was liking this Kelvin guy, and according to Kacy he had a super cool friend she though I’d really hit it off with. So we jumped on to Facebook to stalk. Now, we’ll call this boy Mike. Mike is actually the person who introduced Kelvin and Kacy, Kelvin and Mike went to high school together and they were good friends. Mike had actually just got out of a really serious relationship (in fact they were in engaged) so Kacy told me right away he wasn’t wanting to date much. Ok fine, at that point I was still dating my old high school boyfriend anyway.

I don’t remember exactly dates on the calendar and the order of things happening, but I know we all went to eat at Village Inn. We all hung out a couple of time with other people as well. But one day Kelvin chatted me on Facebook:

Kelvin: Hey do you want a ride home from school tomorrow?
Me: But Kacy wont be there…
Kelvin: That’s okay, I can still give you a ride, I’m just cutting out the middle man!
Me: Ok sure that be great.

At this point I had broken up with my high school boyfriend and hung with Mike, just the two of us a couple of times. I thought he was cool, although we didn’t have a lot in common.

The next big event I remember Kelvin, Mike and I were going to watch a movie at my apartment and Kacy would join us after she got off work. Kelvin went to pick her up and they both came back but Kacy was really pissed for some reason and wouldn’t talk to anybody.

The next day was Sunday and I went to Kacy’s family’s home for Sunday dinner, and she didn’t say a single word to me…Yeah it was really awkward and fun. Luckily she has an awesome sister that basically told me not to worry, she can be a little bit dramatic and protective over boys, which apparently I was stealing away from her. Whoops. At this point Kelvin really liked her and had gone on several dates with her. I was under the impression she wanted me to go for Mike.

Later that week I think Kelvin, Mike and I all texted her and apologized for… being friends with each other. Although, I remember telling her that I’d rather be her friend than friends with the two guys. Looking back now, I can see she was super healthy, and had great relationships with people (sarcasm).

One weekend later the four of us and another friend from Kelvin and Mike’s High School named Kraig (who Kacy had once kissed) we’re going hot tubbing at a friend of Kraig’s apartment. Kelvin and Kacy were meeting us there but they were taking a really long time. Eventually Kelvin came to get me to take me back with Kacy to her apartment. Kacy had just recently moved back to Utah from out of state where she was actually living with a guy. (In the LDS faith, its very much looked down upon living with someone if you’re not married.) She moved back to Utah more or less to get her life back in order, and she had told this to Kraig, who then told Kelvin. Kelvin, trying to be a gentleman, told Kacy he knew about her past but that it didn’t bother him. He thought it was best to bring it up because he hadn’t heard about it from her. Well Kacy being Kacy… took it completely wrong and got mad at Kelvin about it.

For the next couple of weeks I hung out with Kacy less and with both the guys a lot more, but almost never together. It was unfortunate because Kacy and I always had fun together, but I started seeing a pattern of drama with her, that I just wasn’t interested in. I remember Kelvin, Kacy, and I went to run some errands together and Kelvin got a phone call and took it outside the car while we waited inside. The entire conversation she was trying to convince me that he was on the phone with Kraig gossiping about her, and I actually started to believe her, even though I didn’t want to! Come to find out, Kelvin was actually on the phone with his brother, his parents had just separated. Let this show communication is powerful and you should never ass/u/me.

As for dating Kelvin, I had kissed Mike but knew it wasn’t going anywhere especially because he didn’t actually want to date me. And one of the last dates Kelvin went on with Kacy, she actually got two other guys numbers while they were on the date. Real classy.

Over this period of time, Kelvin and I were becoming best friends. And I honestly saw him as just that. We talked until 3 and 4 in the morning every day for a couple of weeks. He knew just as much about me as my best friends from home did. One night after a very serious and long talk about my past, Kelvin looked at me and said,

I don’t mean this in a sexual way, but I love you.

Boy, did he have my attention then.

February 15, 2013 / jilleun

so… 2012

So 2012 has come and gone and most of our big adventures were recorded here on the blog. But because we hardly blogged this last year (I blame school), you probably don’t need any review. This year was hard, honestly, good–but still hard.

Nothing traumatic happened to us, thank goodness, but life as adult can be stressful, I’m sure you’re all aware.

A few things I want to write down just for my own sake so I can remember what happened this last year:

  • We paid off Kelvin’s car
  • We bought a second car for me
  • I was really lucky and got to see my family 5 times this year, this is the most I have ever seen them since moving away
  • I started school again
  • I finally took Kelvin’s last name and got a Utah driver’s license
  • Kelvin’s company is growing like crazy, and I’m so grateful he’s not the only one in his department anymore
  • I started working in the back of Stevenson’s, which I like a lot more
  • Kelvin left me at home for the first time in Utah to go to California for an MLG event
  • We made new friends (BJ & Angelee) and strengthened other friendships. I know that sounds super cheesy but my friends are kind of like my side of the family here in Utah, so they are really important to me
  • Another one of my goals this year was to take more pictures of Kelvin and I together, and I failed at that but we got to hire Yan and I’m sooo happy we did.
  • My brother and his wife are expecting a boy in May and my Sister is expecting a girl in July

I think those are all the main points from 2012


This is a picture of just one of our dinner and game nights with Kelvin’s coworker and awesome wife, BJ and Angelee, I was laughing so hard I was crying and then they somehow turned into real tears? I don’t even know, I blame it on the late night and the fact that I just got my FOURTH Yahtzee in one game.

November 11, 2012 / jilleun

Our photoshoot with Yan Palmer

Like I mentioned in another post, for our two year anniversary Kelvin let me hire Yan Palmer to take our pictures. I was ready to have nice pictures of us that were not our wedding pictures.

I don’t remember how I found her blog but after reading this post I wanted to hire her right away. She asked me to make a inspiration board of sorts, this is what I sent her (the first picture).

I loved working with her and I thought she did a fabulous job.
There were a few bumps when were trying to get some of our pictures, but I would still recommend her to anyone.

Also, I know some people think its a bit silly that you can spend so much on pictures but I think it 100% completely worth every penny to have good pictures of your loved ones.

Here are a few of my favorites from our session. It was hard to narrow it down! As you can see, I already updated our blog header images with some of our new pictures.