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June 11, 2015 / jilleun

Documentary Wednesday, May 2015

With May being filled with summer school for Jilleun and us being in Jamaica the first part of the month, we only got to three again :( I know, we’re failures.

  1. Love Me (imdb)
  2. Living on One Dollar (imdb, wiki)
  3. The House I Live In (imdbwiki)


  1. Love Me- Very cool, eye-opening movie. Something I didn’t know anything about, other than it’s socially looked down on. After watching the lives of some of these guys, I genuinely felt bad for them and saw why they went to another country to find love. The strange, but completely expected, thing about this documentary was just how deceitful some of these foreign women were. They were practically ruining the lives of an untold number of men looking for real love, for what? Money. I wonder how many of them were already in relationships in their own countries, but were using these mail-order dating/marriage sites to get a little extra income. They never really talked about the economics of the sites that hook the males up with the females, other than the males pay the site for access to the list of women, and to send messages. Nothing about how or if the women were being compensated, but even if they weren’t, some of them were manipulating their way into money. Anyway, just blown away by this movie. It was very well made, and well presented. I didn’t really get the sense that they were anti mail-order or pro mail-order, it was just presenting the facts and showing the process that some guys went through to find love. There was one SUPER gross kissing scene at a wedding that will haunt me for years to come. Other than that, 4/5.
  2. Living on One Dollar- This follows the story of four young guys that wanted to see the world. To me, it was their little (two month) version of a mission. They got to go out in the world, experience hard work, find good friends, and try not to die. However, they went out completely clueless, I almost wonder if they didn’t prepare for it at all. They basically had no concept of poverty, and thought they could do it for two months. Yeah. Right. Cluelessness aside, this was a touching documentary that showed that there are good people everywhere. 4/5
  3. The House I Live In- This “documentary” was propaganda. 0/5


  1. Love Me- Wow this documentary was mind opening. I’ve heard of mail order brides but I hoped it was not real. This documentary isn’t mail order brides but it’s as close as you can get, I think. What’s bizarre to me is these men thinking “I can’t get a wife in the US so I’ll just go find one in another country and marry her, oh but she speaks very little English.” I think both sides of the party are at fault though, some of these families were so glad their daughter was getting married they supported her marrying someone she hardly knew and going to live in another country. Mostly the whole idea thing is pretty disgusting. 4/5
  2. Living on One Dollar- This documentary felt really intimate and drew you in immediately. I like the style of the way they filmed it and told their story. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It makes me so grateful to live in America. I don’t want to give away too much, it pretty short so you should just watch it. 5/5
  3. The House I Live In- I had to watch this documentary for my ethics and values class, so I have a little different view about it than I normally would. We discussed this documentary in my class for two days, and my professor is writing his dissertation on the war on drugs so he didn’t exactly present this unbiased. With that, I still agree with a lot of what the documentary is trying to say but I also realized there are always two sides. It’s not a documentary, I wouldn’t recommend for entertainment but if you want understand more about the US and drugs then yes. I think the most surprising thing to me is the amount of people in prisons for non-violent drug crimes, because when we realize that 1) there are far worse crimes, like rape, that we don’t punish criminals justly for. 2) When studying this more I found that most people in poverty that are doing drugs are not doing them because they are addicted, it usually is steaming from reasons more like: stress of money, not having food, abuse, living conditions, etc. So overall there were flaws in the documentary but what’s happening in America should be more known to the citizens that live in it. 3.5/5


  • Kelvin- Love Me
  • Jilleun- Living on One Dollar
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