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June 11, 2015 / Kelvin Jasperson

Documentary Wednesday, June 2015

So far, so good. Halfway through the year!

  1. Kings of Pastry (imdb, wiki)
  2. Food, Inc (imdb, wiki)
  3. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster (imdb, wiki)
  4. Blackfish (imdb, wiki)


  1. Kings of Pastry-This was really fun and exciting to watch, it is similar to Somm. Although I think all of the people in this documentary are more humble and likable. You are really invested in the story and are totally rooting for them by the end. 4/5
  2. Food, Inc- I had to watch this for class, and we had already watched a while back. Really nothing new to report about it. It’s stuff we all subconsciously know- Big companies only care about money, eat right. 2/5
  3. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster- This documentary was so insightful! I didn’t realize how much of his work I had actually seen. Plus the art aspect of this documentary was fascinating as well, he makes all of his art by had not using a computer, super impressive. I also like that it was a documentary made while he was still alive it’s nice to hear stories from the actual source instead of a bunch of friends saying how nice someone was. 5/5
  4. Blackfish- Well I had been avoiding watching this because I knew it would make me never want to go to SeaWorld. And I was right. I know this is a one sided story BUT thing biggest testament to me is that a lot of the people speaking out against SeaWorld in this are old trainers and employees. 3/5


  1. Kings of Pastry- The trailer doesn’t do this movie justice at all. In fact, I think the trailer makes the movie look pretty cheesy, when in reality it was very well done. This reminded me a lot of Somm we watched a few months ago. A bunch of guys go to a “tournament” to see if they can get inducted into the cool kids club. This was tantalizing and heartbreaking at the same time. To anyone that eats food- I would recommend this. To those self-described as “foodies”, this is required reading. 5/5
  2. Food, Inc- I remember watching this several years ago and disliking it about the same amount. There are only so many lies partial truths I can handle in one sitting. Why are documentaries about food always so terribly biased and rotten? 0/5
  3. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster- The thing that I liked most about this was that Drew is a real person! You can’t imagine one guy being behind so many obviously epic pieces of art. I had never really thought about movie posters being created by someone before watching this, to me they just existed. This goes completely against my preconceptions and showed me that not only were movie posters created by someone, but they can be grand pieces of art. My favorite part was when he said he had to paint The Thing poster, but didn’t know what the movie was about so he painted this. 5/5
  4. Blackfish- When this started I got really excited. It was telling a really cool story about some of the history of Orcas and the things that lead up to the first “event” by Tilikum. As soon as the plot took hold it got a lot less interesting to me. I knew it was an anti-Seaworld (or maybe anti-Orcas-in-captivity?) movie, but I wasn’t sure of the level it was going to. This biased movie was very sneaky in the way it presented its point. It wasn’t like Food, Inc where it was just in your face telling you how to live your in the very first sentence. Blackfish really tried to educate you about the beast before it told you an opinion. I question if some of the “facts” were “facts” or if they were actual facts. I’m not that involved in marine life, so I’m not going to hunt down every minor detail I had a question about. Additionally, I watched this movie with my B.S. shield fully engaged, so not much stuck. It was interesting to say the least. 2/5


  • Jilleun- Drew
  • Kelvin- Drew: The Man Behind the Poster
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