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April 18, 2015 / Kelvin Jasperson

Documentary Wednesday, March 2015

We almost didn’t watch every Wednesday, March was a busy month.

  1. It’s a Girl (imdb, wiki)
  2. 30 for 30: Broke (imdb, wiki)
  3. My Kid Could Paint That (imdb, wiki)
  4. Burt’s Buzz (imdb)


  1. It’s a Girl- What a heartbreaking movie. This is the story of countries and cultures that don’t appreciate or don’t want girls for children, so they euthanize them shortly after their born or somehow terminate the pregnancy. The worst part was to see how complacent some of the women were that killed their newborns simply because they wanted a male baby. They dove in to the details about why parents did not want female children, focusing specifically on China and India. I enjoyed it, ’twas just really hard to watch. 3/5
  2. 30 for 30: Broke- 30 for 30 is a documentary series produced by ESPN that focuses on sports history. Broke was about the widespread practice of famous athletes to declare bankruptcy or otherwise have nothing to their name despite years of extreme monetary fortune. They interviewed a number of athletes from various professions, none of which I recognized but that might just be because I don’t follow sports. Interviews with the former athletes went into details about what caused them to get into their financial crisis, most of which was perfectly understandable. At the beginning I felt really bad for some of them, but as time went on I realized that most of the issues were self-inflicted due to lack of understanding basic principles of personal finance and wanting to show off to their friends and family just how much they made. Overall it was a very interesting insight into a portion of sports that doesn’t get the spotlight very often. 4/5
  3. My Kid Could Paint That- I loved the beginning of this movie! It calls out the abstract artists like the crooks they are! Why is this worth millions of dollars? My kid could paint that.. However, as the story progressed it moved into a controversy about whether or not this one particular child actually painted the art the parents claimed she did. I don’t know if I have an opinion of what is actually the truth, but I do feel the documentarists did a good job of trying to portray the family in a fair light. 3/5
  4. Burt’s Buzz- I don’t recall ever using any Burt’s Bees products, so I have no particular attachment to the company. However! Burt seems like an awesome old dude. I can’t imagine my life without technology like he lives, but that seems like a great way to retire. He lives his life out on his farm with his bees on a bunch of property. He isn’t concerned with the rat race that’s going on in the world, which makes his life very peaceful. He does, however, have some kind of contractual obligation to Burt’s Bees still, so he travels all over the world to promote the products. It doesn’t appear that he enjoys that part of his life (who would?) but otherwise his life seems pretty chill. Even though he said and does some crazy old man things, I legitimately think he’s awesome. 5/5


  1. It’s a Girl- I’ve know that this type of thinking exists, but seeing people openly admitting to the camera that they have committed crimes, is so difficult to watch. The three worse words in some countries and parts of the world is, it’s a girl, how completely heartbreaking. It makes me so grateful to live in the US, and know I have value for being me instead of my gender. Sad, but educational. 4/5
  2. 30 for 30: Broke- This entire documentary I found myself going back and forth in thinking these guys are idiots to totally having sympathy for them. The line in the documentary that really stuck out to me was basically, the people that are becoming professional athletes are coming from some of the poorest parts in the US. And they are being thrown into a different world in terms of everything but especially money. So how do people expect these 18-year-old kids to act with a check that has six figures on it, when he never thought he’d make that in a lifetime. 3/5
  3. My Kid Could Paint That- So interesting! We actually watched a trailer for this before we watched the whole thing and the trailer made it seem so controversial. This documentary was also interesting in the way that the guy making it, becomes part of the story. I like that I’m not entirely convinced one way or another if she really made the art or if it was the Dad. I like that I have the option of forming my own opinion on it in the end. 4/5
  4. Burt’s Buzz- Ha just remembering this documentary makes me laugh. Burt seems like a really interesting guy. I thought this was a really well done documentary in story and quality. 5/5


  • Kelvin- Burt’s Buzz
  • Jilleun-My Kid Could Paint That
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