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February 10, 2015 / Kelvin Jasperson

Documentary Wednesday, January 2015

Some of you might remember March Documentary Madness of 2013. That was a lot of fun, but it was very time consuming. We love Documentaries and we still had a few on our list that we never got around to watching in 2013. We’ve decided to, instead, watch a Documentary every Wednesday in 2015. Chances are that we won’t get EVERY Wednesday, but we’ll at least try! This month we watched 4 Documentaries.

  1. After Porn Ends
  2. Waste Land
  3. Dear Zachary (Director also directed Validation on YouTube)
  4. Louder Than a Bomb


  1. After Porn Ends- This one was at the end of our to-watch list when we finished out the month in 2013, and we never got around to watching it. First of all, even with the subject matter, this was a bit more graphic than I expected it to be. However, it seemed to me that they portrayed the graphic parts as educational information and not as entertainment so it didn’t bother me that much. It was the story of 10-15 ex porn stars and what they were doing with their lives. Some were working in the industry still in other capacities, and some completely shuttered it. It was really surprising to hear the stories of a few of the actors that seemed to have fallen into porn somewhat by accident, and then just stayed in it. Overall it wasn’t the best documentary I’ve ever seen, there wasn’t a ton of content but there was a bunch of filler, if that’s what you’re into.. 2/5 stars
  2. Waste Land- Having never bothered to watch a trailer, I was very against this one from the beginning. The cover was ugly, the description said that they were going to be talking about trash the entire time. Yawn and gross. However! Like all good documentaries, it was surprisingly excellent. This is the story of an artist that goes to a Brazilian landfill where people pick out things to recycle (called catadores) and hires those people to help him make art. The results are gross and breathtaking, and through the 100 minutes you develop a bond with the subjects of the movie, the catadores. You feel for their plight and cheer when they have little (and big) victories. I didn’t know this going in, but this is one of the only films to receive 100% on rotten tomatoes in 2010. 5/5 stars
  3. Dear Zachary- Wow. Talk about making a grown man cry. Without going into too much detail, this is the story of a murdered doctor’s newborn son and the custody battle the grandparents had with the mother. Only reason it gets a lower than 5 star is because it took a bit longer to get to the point than I thought was necessary. Otherwise, fantastic, tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, lovable movie. 4.5/5 stars
  4. Louder Than a Bomb- Man. I really hate documentaries before I watch them. This is yet another movie that I thought looked boring as watching paint dry. It, however, was a much different story. Similar to Pressure Cooker, this is the story of High School kids in (sometimes) poorer neighborhoods in Chicago that go to an annual Poetry Slam. Wait, did you say poetry? YEAH I DID AND IT WAS AWESOME. Some of these kids were so talented it blew me away. Writing poetry is hard enough, performing is hard enough, I can’t believe these kids get together and write things so meaningful, then decide they want to share them with the world. What was I doing in High School? Not something this cool. 5/5 stars


This is was one of our new year resolutions, and I love it already! Now I actually look forward to Wednesdays. I’d rather have an in-person discussion than write about my opinion, but this is a blog so…

  1. After Porn Ends- This documentary could have been really interesting instead it almost felt like one last chance to be in the lime light for these “actors”. I wish it would have gone more in depth about the psycology of what porn is and can do (both to those participating and those viewing it). It was interesting to hear the actors opinion on themselves and their lives. There was really one one woman that came out semi-normal and successful with a job, and family. 1/5 stars
  2. Waste Land- I put this in our queue when we were doing our March madness so I didn’t remember what it was about it. Vik Muniz (the one making the documentary) is one of the most well known Brazilian artists and I really like his ideas and what he stood for. He said several times throughout the documentary that this was his chance to give to Brazil, and I don’t feel like many artists would do that. 4/5
  3. Dear Zachary- It’s a very emotionally draining documentary. I didn’t really like the style of how it was made, and there was quite a bit of cussing. It’s completely infuriating to see the system of government fail so I feel like this story needs to be told. 3/5
  4. Louder Than a Bomb- I agree with Kelvin, I didn’t really think it was going to be awesome but it was! It’s just amazing to see the struggles these kids go through daily. Yet they thrive, and their writing really is impressive. 5/5


  • Kelvin- Waste Land
  • Jilleun- Louder Than a Bomb
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