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January 6, 2014 / jilleun

Year 2013!

Well 2013 has come and gone! I think we blogged a total of 4 times and one of those was recapping 2012. I’m not making any promises that we’ll blog more this year, I actually have three blog posts started but not finished, they’ve been sitting there for months. But I like looking back on what we’ve done through the year (there wasn’t much I could reminisce about this time though). This year was busy, busy, busy. Throw in: becoming home owners, two car accidents, going through 3 different jobs (me, not Kelvin), traveling, families, and school. As you can see blogging wasn’t very high on that list so… yeah.

There were plenty of crap days this past year but there were far better days.

January was the month of sickness, school, and soccer. There’s never much going on in January because it’s right after the craziness of the end of the year/holidays. But, Kelvin was on his company soccer team for a while, I was back in school, and this was the first of I believe 7+ (between the two of us) different times Kelvin and I were sick with something or rather.

February was probably my least favorite month this year because of our dreadful car accident. It wasn’t our fault, and we both were injury free, but it totaled our car (specifically my car), that we’d had for less than 6 months.  The highlight of our month was Valentine’s Day. I snuck into Kelvin’s office the night before put up a giant poster I had made and left him his candy and cards. Kelvin did equally well and got me flowers and chocolate cake, loved both!

March we bought a new car, we watched a documentary every night (and blogged about it), I went to the U to see Anjelah Johnson with my friend Kim, and we were housing hunting with the rest of our time.

April the main thing I remember about this month is that we found our house, put on offer on it, and signed for it. Kelvin went to a Ruby Conference in SLC with some of his co-workers for a day that was specific to DevOps personnel.

May we moved into our first home! I flew out to California to surprise my sister for her baby shower. Then we had car accident #2, again not our fault, both injury free, and yes it was our new car.

June was a great kick off for our fun summer we went to a Ben Folds/Barenaked Ladies concert. We adjusted to living in our own home and all the glory that comes with it read: pulling weeds. Most memorable: we dog sat for Kelvin’s old brother while he went on vacation.

July was filled with Frisbee golf at the golf park by our house. We also had our first house guest! One of my best friends from California came to visit for a weekend with her husband before they moved back east for law school. July also happens to be one of my favorite months because it’s the only month I didn’t have a single day of school.

August was busy! Kelvin and I went to California for my two older siblings babies blessings! (That’s two different siblings, both with newborns.) Kelvin’s youngest brother came home from his LDS mission in Canada, speaking Chinese. We got called to be Primary teachers for church (7-8 year olds). Then, I quit my job of 4.5 years at Stevenson’s Genealogy and Copy Center.

September put me back in school and with a new job. It was my least favorite job ever. I was a custodian for Traverse Mountain’s Outlet mall, thankfully that only lasted til the first week of November. We went to a Saves the Day concert at what used to be called Bricks, Kelvin loves them but wasn’t that impressed with the concert. Lastly, we attended our very first murder mystery party! It was put on by our Las Vegas friends Luis and Natalia, but at our friend Brent’s house. There were a lot of people involved and it was really fun to see everyone (Kelvin was the one that got murdered, so it was hard for him to participate).

October I put in my two weeks’ notice at the outlet mall, I think I celebrated for a week straight! Celebrated Kelvin’s birthday with our friends Shaun and Kim at Tucanos, it’s kind of a tradition with them since Kim and Kelvin’s birthday’s are both in October, so we use the BOGO birthday pass.

November brought me an unexpected third job of the year. I am an office assistant for MK Virtual Office, the company is a virtual office staff for Mary Kay Directors, and I love it. My SIL flew to Utah and we got to visit with her, my nephew, and her parents. I celebrated my birthday with our good friends BJ and Angelee at Black Sheep Café (my favorite!), and shopping that Saturday with my two girlfriends Kae and Hilary. For Thanksgiving my parents and two younger brothers drove from California to spend it with us and Kelvin’s family.

December We had one of my photography friends take our pictures in the snow, exactly how I had envisioned, but freezing! For Christmas we went to California, as usual. Had a quick lunch with our friends Mike and Jewel who moved out of Utah this year, they flew in to surprise their parents for the holiday’s, so glad we got to see them. To wrap it all up: we spent new years with just us in our own home.



  1. Alyssa / Jan 7 2014 4:31 PM

    Hey didn’t you guys come visit us in Boise in 2013???

    • jilleun / Jan 11 2014 11:20 AM

      I think we came in 2012 because I remember coming and you had Halloween decorations up, right?

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