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February 17, 2013 / jilleun

Our Story…Part 3

You can read part one and part two.

The Sunday after I met Kelvin, I attended family dinner with Kacy and her family. While we there our conversation, of course, went to boys. Kacy was liking this Kelvin guy, and according to Kacy he had a super cool friend she though I’d really hit it off with. So we jumped on to Facebook to stalk. Now, we’ll call this boy Mike. Mike is actually the person who introduced Kelvin and Kacy, Kelvin and Mike went to high school together and they were good friends. Mike had actually just got out of a really serious relationship (in fact they were in engaged) so Kacy told me right away he wasn’t wanting to date much. Ok fine, at that point I was still dating my old high school boyfriend anyway.

I don’t remember exactly dates on the calendar and the order of things happening, but I know we all went to eat at Village Inn. We all hung out a couple of time with other people as well. But one day Kelvin chatted me on Facebook:

Kelvin: Hey do you want a ride home from school tomorrow?
Me: But Kacy wont be there…
Kelvin: That’s okay, I can still give you a ride, I’m just cutting out the middle man!
Me: Ok sure that be great.

At this point I had broken up with my high school boyfriend and hung with Mike, just the two of us a couple of times. I thought he was cool, although we didn’t have a lot in common.

The next big event I remember Kelvin, Mike and I were going to watch a movie at my apartment and Kacy would join us after she got off work. Kelvin went to pick her up and they both came back but Kacy was really pissed for some reason and wouldn’t talk to anybody.

The next day was Sunday and I went to Kacy’s family’s home for Sunday dinner, and she didn’t say a single word to me…Yeah it was really awkward and fun. Luckily she has an awesome sister that basically told me not to worry, she can be a little bit dramatic and protective over boys, which apparently I was stealing away from her. Whoops. At this point Kelvin really liked her and had gone on several dates with her. I was under the impression she wanted me to go for Mike.

Later that week I think Kelvin, Mike and I all texted her and apologized for… being friends with each other. Although, I remember telling her that I’d rather be her friend than friends with the two guys. Looking back now, I can see she was super healthy, and had great relationships with people (sarcasm).

One weekend later the four of us and another friend from Kelvin and Mike’s High School named Kraig (who Kacy had once kissed) we’re going hot tubbing at a friend of Kraig’s apartment. Kelvin and Kacy were meeting us there but they were taking a really long time. Eventually Kelvin came to get me to take me back with Kacy to her apartment. Kacy had just recently moved back to Utah from out of state where she was actually living with a guy. (In the LDS faith, its very much looked down upon living with someone if you’re not married.) She moved back to Utah more or less to get her life back in order, and she had told this to Kraig, who then told Kelvin. Kelvin, trying to be a gentleman, told Kacy he knew about her past but that it didn’t bother him. He thought it was best to bring it up because he hadn’t heard about it from her. Well Kacy being Kacy… took it completely wrong and got mad at Kelvin about it.

For the next couple of weeks I hung out with Kacy less and with both the guys a lot more, but almost never together. It was unfortunate because Kacy and I always had fun together, but I started seeing a pattern of drama with her, that I just wasn’t interested in. I remember Kelvin, Kacy, and I went to run some errands together and Kelvin got a phone call and took it outside the car while we waited inside. The entire conversation she was trying to convince me that he was on the phone with Kraig gossiping about her, and I actually started to believe her, even though I didn’t want to! Come to find out, Kelvin was actually on the phone with his brother, his parents had just separated. Let this show communication is powerful and you should never ass/u/me.

As for dating Kelvin, I had kissed Mike but knew it wasn’t going anywhere especially because he didn’t actually want to date me. And one of the last dates Kelvin went on with Kacy, she actually got two other guys numbers while they were on the date. Real classy.

Over this period of time, Kelvin and I were becoming best friends. And I honestly saw him as just that. We talked until 3 and 4 in the morning every day for a couple of weeks. He knew just as much about me as my best friends from home did. One night after a very serious and long talk about my past, Kelvin looked at me and said,

I don’t mean this in a sexual way, but I love you.

Boy, did he have my attention then.