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February 15, 2013 / jilleun

so… 2012

So 2012 has come and gone and most of our big adventures were recorded here on the blog. But because we hardly blogged this last year (I blame school), you probably don’t need any review. This year was hard, honestly, good–but still hard.

Nothing traumatic happened to us, thank goodness, but life as adult can be stressful, I’m sure you’re all aware.

A few things I want to write down just for my own sake so I can remember what happened this last year:

  • We paid off Kelvin’s car
  • We bought a second car for me
  • I was really lucky and got to see my family 5 times this year, this is the most I have ever seen them since moving away
  • I started school again
  • I finally took Kelvin’s last name and got a Utah driver’s license
  • Kelvin’s company is growing like crazy, and I’m so grateful he’s not the only one in his department anymore
  • I started working in the back of Stevenson’s, which I like a lot more
  • Kelvin left me at home for the first time in Utah to go to California for an MLG event
  • We made new friends (BJ & Angelee) and strengthened other friendships. I know that sounds super cheesy but my friends are kind of like my side of the family here in Utah, so they are really important to me
  • Another one of my goals this year was to take more pictures of Kelvin and I together, and I failed at that but we got to hire Yan and I’m sooo happy we did.
  • My brother and his wife are expecting a boy in May and my Sister is expecting a girl in July

I think those are all the main points from 2012


This is a picture of just one of our dinner and game nights with Kelvin’s coworker and awesome wife, BJ and Angelee, I was laughing so hard I was crying and then they somehow turned into real tears? I don’t even know, I blame it on the late night and the fact that I just got my FOURTH Yahtzee in one game.

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