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August 14, 2012 / jilleun

July 4th, 2012

For the past three years Kelvin and I haven’t been in Utah for the 4th. We didn’t think too much of planning anything for it because Kelvin’s family is close by and we usually do holidays with them. However, this year, Kelvin’s mom had just got remarried and his dad was going to California to visit some friends there.. So we decided to invited ourselves over to our good friends house Pfaffi and Jewel in Salt Lake and have a barbecue with them.

Here was the plan- We were supposed to bring fireworks and side dishes and they were going to provide the meat + the grill. I had the whole day off so all day I was thinking about food… and I may have gone a little overboard. We had deviled eggs, 7 layer dip, pasta salad, several different chips, and brownies with ice cream. Yeah that’s just what we brought, and yes it there were only four of us.

Then we arrived at the Pfaff’s… and they had a ton of stuff as well: jalapeno stuffed with three different kinds of cheese, chicken, and giant steak all ready to be grilled, plus a watermelon that the four of us didn’t even touch. We really like food. Anyway, we had a good time completely stuffing ourselves and hanging out.

Around 9 is about when it starts to get dark so we walked over to their neighborhood park area to watch the fireworks over the entire valley. It was pretty cool. Now there have been a lot fires in Utah lately, and just a day before a big fire started in Alpine. While we were watching the city fireworks we could see the Alpine fire literally jump up the mountain, it was a bizarre feeling. So because of the crazy fire situation we opted to end our night with sparklers instead of regular fireworks.

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