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August 12, 2012 / jilleun

California for her

I like going home, and I really like going home in the summer when it’s hot. It was 109 degrees when I went home in June.

My older brother and his wife had been living in India for the past nine months and were going to be at my parents house at the middle to end of June. Because I was already planning on going home for the summer it worked out for me to go home at the same time my brother and SIL were there. But, because Kelvin had just taken a week off of work to play video games in California, I’d be going by myself. Besides my 5 AM flight with a connection, my trip was great. Like usual it was relaxing, lots of swimming, good food and good company :) And because my brother was driving back to New York from California they stopped in Utah for a day to see us again.

Also for anyone wondering my brother and SIL are back from India because my brother is attending a double masters program in Syracuse, New York. They’re both smarty pants.

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