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May 6, 2012 / jilleun

Our Story… Part 2

You can read Part 1 here

So, continuing where we left off: I arrived to a game night at my friend Kacy’s apartment and one of the people there was Kelvin. I walked in and found a spot next to Kacy and Chad, which happened to be close to Kelvin. We were all chatting while other people played games, I don’t exactly remember introducing myself to Kelvin but I found out he went to UVU like I did, and also he was pretty funny. By this point things were getting a little weird because Kacy was pretty much ignoring her “date” Chad and only talking to Kelvin and me. At that point Chad left, so Kacy, Kelvin and I decided to go on a late night walk to the nearest grocery store for a snack.
Side note: For people who have never lived in Provo, Utah: It’s pretty much a college town full of Mormons. I hate to generalize like that, but it really is. Kids come to go to school and date. Which means dating here is a little bit different, that also means being friends with the opposite sex is a little bit different too. When looking for a relationship what usually happens is you’ll “hang out” together but with a group of people, then go on a couple of one on one dates, then have what’s called a DTR (defining the relationship) and if that goes well, officially start dating. Of course, that’s not what happened to me and Kelvin.
So off the three of us went to Macey’s (the grocery store), it was the last week of August so the weather was still warm. When we were walking there Kelvin asked me to put my number in his phone. I spent almost the entire way there trying to do so, because for some reason I could not figure his phone out. Also, the more I was around Kelvin the more I found him so hilarious. Once we got to the store I picked out my favorite chocolate ever Hershey’s nuggets, and a squirt soda.
While we were wandering around Macey’s Kelvin was trying to leave me a voicemail so that I would have his number too. But apparently I put my number in wrong so I never got it, haha. He called the number that I put in his phone and left a really long (and probably super eccentric message) to a stranger. Luckily after that Kelvin did get my correct phone number. To clarify, Kelvin was not interested in me… in fact he was interested in Kacy. Another thing you need to understand is the kind of person that Kacy is… in almost any situation it seemed like boys just tended to flock towards her.
On the way back to Kacy’s apartment it started to rain a little, so Kelvin offered his hoodie to me. Awww
When we got back to Kacy’s apartment the game night was pretty much over so Kelvin and Kacy gave me a ride home. Kacy invited me over to her parents for Sunday dinner so I’d be seeing her the next day, and as far as Kelvin I didn’t think too much about the next time I’d see this funny boy.

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