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March 30, 2012 / jilleun

Our Story… Part 1

It occurred to me the other day when writing another post that some of you might not know exactly how Kelvin and I met. I don’t have it written down anywhere either so.. I probably should do that before I forget. Usually when people ask we say we met through a friend of friend and while that is true, it’s an easy answer.

I moved to Utah the last week of August 2008, I moved here for school (and to get married, let’s be honest). When I first got here, I was pretty depressed at first. I lived in a house a couple of blocks from BYU, there was a total of 8 girls in the house. I lived in the basement with my good friend from my home stake, Cami, and her friend Katie. The problem was I was the only freshman in the house, which meant everyone already had their group of friends. I didn’t know anyone in Provo, except one girl I grew up with in California, but her family had moved to Utah when I was in Elementary school. I’ll call her Kacy. After a particularly hard day, my mom suggested to try to get in touch with with her.

I text her either later that night or the next day (the details are fuzzy now) and she happily invited me to hang out with her. The first night we met in Provo it was just her and a boy named Chad, we went to a bonfire at Kacy’s apartment, the Rain Tree. It was a fun night, I was mostly grateful to get out. She invited me to hangout the next night at her apartment for a game night with her roommates and friends. I remember walking into Kacy’s apartment, there were at least 15 people there. And Kelvin was one of them.

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