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March 21, 2012 / jilleun


I started writing this post about 5 times but stopped because I hate dealing with words.

So, you get a list of what happened when I went home to surprise my Dad for his 50th birthday, and pictures of course!

  • I flew home on Friday the 9th (thanks to my sister, she paid half of my plane ticket!)
  • Surprised my Dad!
  • Had a family BBQ on Saturday
  • Had a heart attack sandwich for the first time, which is a hot link, coleslaw, and pulled pork on a hogi
  • Skyped with my brother in India
  • Talked about going to the beach but…
  • My dad surprised us by saying” Lets go to Disneyland for two days!”
  • Went to Disneyland with my two little brothers, my sister and parents
  • Went to both parks, stayed till midnight both nights
  • Road about 35 rides, shopped, and ate some really good food
  • Went home, hung out with an old friend, Janel
  • My Grandma drove me to the airport Thursday morning (thanks Grandma!)

It was a really good trip, I’m so glad I got to go California. I have a really great family and Husband.  I’m so lucky!

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