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January 18, 2012 / jilleun

Christmas 2011

For Christmas we went to California to see my family, we invited Kelvin’s mom and little brother but they didn’t come with us. Another reason why it was a smaller Christmas this year than last is because my older brother and his wife in moved to India for a while, but Christmas was still really good! Although this was the first time my mom’s dad came for Christmas Eve dinner.

My family traditions on Christmas Eve:

  • My dad makes a super good meal
  • With a delicious dessert and we all stuff ourselves
  • Usually my mom reads the story from the Bible
  • My dad reads The Night before Christmas
  • We watch the Little Drummer Boy

Sometimes a few little different things are in there but those are the things we always do. Sometimes we sing, or read additional stories. Like this year we watched A Christmas Carol.

Usually on Christmas morning we’d get up (not too early), have Christmas explosion (as some like to call it), and head to both my grandma’s, which are both about an hour away and do Christmas-y things there. But, this was the first year we didn’t go, not to either of them! It felt pretty strange, but way more relaxing. One thing I did miss is that when we go to my mom’s moms house she always has THE best cinnamon rolls, (she makes them from scratch) and everyone looks forward to it. But, because we didn’t go this year, and she refuses to give out the recipe*, my dad and I attempted trying to make some… They didn’t turn out bad, but they were a little disappointing compared to the usual Grandma’s cinnamon rolls.

I hardly took any pictures =/ and half of the ones I did take are of food. Haha what I can I say, I love food. It’s just hard for me to pick up my camera and think about f/stops and ISO’s. I rather just sit and hang out with my family that I only get to see three times a year.

My family Christmas Eve minus Kelvin O.

*My Grandma won’t give us the recipe because she says she doesn’t want to curse us! It’s so much work she has to wake up at five on Christmas day, so that why she refusing to give it to anyone. Not because she is one of those crazy ladies that wont share.

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