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September 24, 2011 / jilleun

Would you like some cheese with that?

Today is September 24, which means Kelvin and I started dating three years ago! I really love that boy. Just wanted to make a list for ourselves of what I am grateful for in this relationship today.

– I’m so glad that Kelvin gets to come and eat dinner with me every night. I think eating dinner together is really important, and I’m grateful Kelvin doesn’t have a job that he has to travel away from home.

– I’m grateful we’ve decided to never sleep on the couch. That doesn’t mean we haven’t gone to bed mad once or twice, but I’d rather be fuming next to him than doing anything with anyone else.

– I’m so grateful Kelvin is supportive in every way. With going to school and not going to school, with my not so awesome job and little tiny things like beading.

-I’m grateful we’re married now. I love that when I come home its to Kelvin, and not a bunch of girl roommates.

-I’m the most grateful that Kelvin is my best friend. To have someone who you really want to share everything with, every little thought passing through your head, and have them be happy to listen. Ready for some cheese? Lately I’ve been having a girls night out about once a week, and every time I’m out I can’t help but think, it would be a little more fun with Kelvin there.

To sum it up, its been a wonderful three years of dating to being engaged, and now married. (Although being engaged was my least favorite.)

I love you Kelvin O.


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  1. mary elizabeth / Sep 24 2011 11:19 PM

    aw, great post! today is the day my husband and i met, 6 years ago. its a special day all around!

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