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August 8, 2011 / jilleun


So we’ve been a little bit busy, this is what we’ve been up to as of lately…

We moved to Orem! A few fancy things about our new place: it has two bedrooms, a dining room, air conditioning, a dish washer, and washer & dryer. Pictures to come!  Also, this place did not include millions of bugs, mold, terrible landlords, a shower that was literally crumbling, and rude loud neighbors who we shared our bedroom wall with… But we’re more than happy to let those things go :)

I also left Kelvin and went home to California, surprising my mom and two little brothers! Only my dad and sister knew, it was pretty funny to see all of their very different reactions to my surprise visit. I was home for five days, and I got to celebrate the Fourth of July with them. We went to the coast, swam every day in our pool, and I got my one true Mexican meal, it was fabulous. I want to go back already.

Then two weeks later my parents and two younger brothers came to see us in the middle of their mighty road trip. They went from California to Utah to Mount Rushmore to Canada, and to Oregon. When they were here went to the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, went to Kelvin’s Dad’s house for Pioneer Day fireworks (that are illegal in California) which means they were way more entertaining! Had Sunday dinner in Alpine, and went to a small water park (it was just a big pool, two slides, and a kid area) in Provo.

Kelvin’s youngest brother, Conner, left for an LDS Mission to Toronto Canada, Mandarin Chinese speaking!  He’ll be learning more Chinese (he has had four years of Chinese already!) in the MTC for about three months so he’ll probably actually get to Canada in October or November just in time for some cold weather to start up.

Also, because I’m a kind of a procrastinator I didn’t get everything done in time to get residency in Utah for UVU. This means I don’t get to go to school starting this year.  So that’s a bummer but I, hopefully, will start in January.


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  1. Alyssa Whitney / Aug 9 2011 10:48 AM

    New apartment, eh? I want to see those pictures! When you said that all I could think about was that you were leaving behind the aforementioned rude, loud neighbors that you shared a bedroom wall with…

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