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May 24, 2011 / jilleun

Little letters 05.25.11

Dear New Computer, you are so fancy and big! Also- the hand me downs of my Husband, but that’s ok.

Dear Landlords, you kind of are… the worst. Please come fix our 10 million problems. The biggest one being the flood in our bedroom. I would more than appreciate it!

Dear Self, I’m so glad you’re feeling like creating again, let’s get started. Painting, beading, sewing, so many options! Now if I could just feel the same way about cooking we’d be on fire…

Dear Pinterest, you are my new favorite thing, and any free time I have… I spend looking through your beautiful pictures.

Dear Blender (courtesy of Shaun and Kim), thank you for all your hard work of making our smoothies delicious. I’ve been enjoying them so much.

Dear June, July, and August, every year I get more excited to see the three of you. This year even more than ever! I can’t wait for family visiting, traveling, hot weather, one year anniversary of marriage (whooooo!), staying up late, food, and anything else awesome that comes with summer!

Dear future puppy, I really am working on trying to get you here faster!

Dear Utah weather, thank you kindly for stopping the rain after almost a week solid. I love me some sunshine.

Dear Husband, I love you. And especially our adventures together.

(and just because, here’s a photo I took in my first ever photography class)


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  1. mary elizabeth / May 25 2011 1:06 AM

    yay! i love little letters posts! i was totally going to post a little letters post sometime this week because its been awhile, so thanks for the push :)

    and yes, pinterest… my goodness, its addicting!

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