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May 11, 2011 / Kelvin Jasperson

The Smoothie Disaster of 2011

Here’s what I mean:

Wooden spoon

We went over to our friends house, Shaun and Kim, for smoothies and a movie.  We had been over there the week before for smoothies and a movie and figured that not much could go wrong.

Shaun manned the blender, and in the process of grinding everything up, the wooden spoon he was using got caught in the crossfire of the battle: blender vs fruit. The picture above is what the spoon looked like after the fact.  The problem wasn’t really that the spoon was caught in the blender, the problem was that little wooden splinters were now distributed throughout the drink.

All four of us knew about the incident, so it’s not like he was hiding anything from us. He poured the four glasses, Kim got the straws and we just started enjoying the drink.  It actually tasted very good.  Every now and then (read: 4 times) a little splinter of wood would make it up the straw and into my mouth, but it was very easy to discern, because it wasn’t berry or banana flavored, and I would simply pull the anomaly out of my mouth and keep on sucking.

It wasn’t even a disaster.  I ended up having about 80% of the wood in my smoothie, in the form of gigantic chunks that couldn’t make it up the strawline, but the wood didn’t change the taste at all. It only made me drink a little bit slower, which in turn helped me enjoy the flavor more. It was practically a win-win!

As another plus, they gave us an old blender that they no longer used because we didn’t have one. Now we can make all sorts of smoothies ourselves, sans wood.



  1. Natalia / May 11 2011 1:34 PM

    Maybe next time he should turn the blender off before trying to stir… just a thought.

  2. mary elizabeth / May 11 2011 5:54 PM

    i love that you guys still had the smoothies — that is exactly what i would have done too! why waste a smoothie?! :)

  3. KTS / May 13 2011 1:06 PM

    I’m KTS and I endorse this message.

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