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March 7, 2011 / jilleun

G.O. Elliott

Its my favorite older brothers Oliver’s birthday today. WHOOO!

Here’s a couple of reason why I think he is so rad

1. He is funny. Like tears streaming down your face funny.

2. He’s definitely the most adventuress Elliott I know. He lives in New York City! He likes to visit exotic place and travels all the time. He also like crazy foods like sushi. :)

3. He is wise. I remember when I would talk to him on the phone when I was a teenager and he’d give me all this advice about life and boys. I wasn’t really interested in his opinion even though he seemed to think I was…Now I’ve realized he’s my big brother and that’s exactly what he is supposed to do, be my big brother. I’m super grateful for that, and even now I can call him anytime and ask his for his advice which is so nice.

4. He is the oldest which means he set such a good example for everything. From school work to getting married in the temple. He is such a hard worker, he had a paper route starting at age 11 and lets not forget about early morning seminary too.



  1. margy / Mar 7 2011 7:56 PM

    Jilleun- you are awesome! I love this post so much. You are an amazing sister.

  2. margy / Mar 7 2011 7:57 PM

    PS- that picture of Oliver and Guy is amazing. I love that one. Actually, I love all of these.

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