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February 28, 2011 / jilleun

That one day…

So Valentines Day, February 14, Lover’s Holiday, lets talk about… on the blog.

Fact about Jilleun: I love Valentines day, its my favorite holiday, so what?

It’s just a big deal at my house, every year my mom and her good friends have a Valentine card making party… I think it started when I was about 9 or 10. What started out as a Saturday afternoon with a few friends, paper and stickers, turned into an entire weekend away with boxes and boxes filled with pink hearts, poke-a dot-ribbon, and glitter. This is the second year I haven’t been, which it always a bummer. I love the party, I love having a fancy dinner, I love the anticipation, I love kisses (the chocolate kinda, duh), I love having an excuse to tell people you appreciate and love them, I love that its the only month I like the color pink, I love it all.

This was mine and Kelvin’s third Valentine’s Day together. We do have a little tradition which is going to Einstein Bagel’s, other than that the rest of the day is free game. I think the first year we went to the movies with every other couple in Provo (which is a lot of people btw). Kelvin got me 14 pounds, yes pounds, of M&Ms and an iPod nano. The second year I think I had to work or something, but I got flowers and 4 delicious custom cupcakes from the chocolate, it was lovely. In 2011, our third year together, first year being married and Valentines was on a Monday, gross. We celebrated on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

Friday we went to one of our favorites date places: Brick Oven and Kelvin gave me a necklace that looks like:

Saturday we had our bagel date and Monday we both worked. I made an amazing dinner of left over Brick Oven :) and gave Kelvin three Valentine’s cards. One right when he woke up in the morning, one when he got off work, and one just before bed, and each was packed with one of his favorite treats. I also build a fort in our living room (ps. I finally know the trick to making the perfect fort) we like forts and each other, so it was pretty great. Then Kelvin did a little tricky thing and we ended up going on a two hour drive. At the time it wasn’t what I had in mind… but now its funny plus it doesn’t matter. Because I love my husband (and because everyone loves to read mushy stuff). Also this is the first year we didn’t take a picture together. I know, I know its sad.

Well there you have it our history of Valentine’s Day. The End.

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