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February 25, 2011 / Kelvin Jasperson

Starcraft 2


Starcraft 2

I play Starcraft 2. Jilleun doesn’t like it that much, since I am not paying attention to her when I’m playing, but I still play it.

Here is a slightly modified–not by me–comic representing what generally happens when I’m playing almost any video game, but especially Starcraft 2.

If you don’t know, Starcraft 2 is a birds-eye-view “military science fiction real-time strategy video game”. Well, that makes it sound pretty dang stupid. It’s a real-time strategy game, which means you’re not just running around with a gun in your hand trying to kill the enemies, a la Call of Duty.  Real-time strategy means you control a set of units to create an army to destroy the other player(s). It also means that it actually takes skill to play the game and win.  I don’t claim to be a good player in any way (as told by my track record), I only have 109 league wins and am really only a mid-to-high Gold  level player; the scale goes is as follows:

  1. Masters League- top 2% of players
  2. Diamond League- next top 18% of players
  3. Platinum League- next top 20% of players
  4. Gold League- next top 20% of players
  5. Silver League- next top 20% of players
  6. Bronze League- bottom 20% of players

I generally play on a 2v2 team with my older brother Bryant, he’s a Platinum to Diamond player with about 350 league wins under his belt.  In fact, here is a screen shot of a game we played (and lost) just a few days ago.  I cropped it to show some action between us and them.  I’m the red in the bottom left, Bryant was the blue in the bottom right and we were attacking purple who was temporarily without his teal teammate.



Starcraft 2 has been out since the 24th of July, which is 212 days ago.  With 109 wins, that means I’ve won 0.514150943 games per day.  With an average game length of about 20-30 minutes, that ain’t bad.  But…since I know Jilleun will proof read this and make me put this next part in here, I might as well just add it myself.  These 20-30 minute every other day averages doesn’t exactly sum up my Starcraft 2  time.  I also watch Starcraft 2 videos on YouTube very often, specifically Day[9] (my favorite), Husky, and HDStarcraft.  In addition to the many hours dedicated to watching strategy videos online, I also spend a good amount of time discussing strategies and et cetera with Bryant via text or instant messaging, or in real life when we are together.

It’s not just me. I promise.  E-Sports is huge (albeit not necessarily in the US)… and Starcraft (1&2) is insanely popular worldwide.  The GSL (Global Starcraft II League, sponsored by GOM-TV in Korea) has several major tournaments a year with giant cash prizes (~$200k) for the winners.  A major Korean airline even has two of their airplanes plastered with Starcraft 2 pictures.  This isn’t a very small game.

Well, I have probably sent every reader running for the hills but a few of you might understand.  I enjoy the game a lot, and I know I will enjoy it for many many years to come.

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