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January 19, 2011 / Kelvin Jasperson


Well, maybe the title isn’t the greatest description of what actually happened.  This picture might explain something.

That’s right! I graduated, finally.  It feels very refreshing to be finished with school.  My favorite part is the fact that I don’t have homework anymore.. since homework is the worst.

A few common questions:

  1. I am most certainly not planning on continuing my schooling. I will consider getting certificates, such as MCP, Cisco certs, maybe some CompTIA certs, and others as they come.  If something big happens, I might go for a Masters, but I very much doubt it.
  2. I am currently employed and am on the brink of being offered a full-time-legit job with one of the companies I work at.
  3. My name was not Photshopped onto someone else’s Degree
  4. The fact that I have the degree now doesn’t mean I now know everything. I already knew everything.
  5. I won’t be “walking” with the silly cap and gown until April, UVU only holds the ceremony once a year.

It was a long trek that basically started in 2007, and I’m guessing it was worth it. We’ll find that out a little later.

I actually started out perusing a Computer Science degree, because I thought that’s what I wanted to do. Boy was I wrong, CS 2810 changed my mind about that.

Uses assembly language to introduce basic concepts of computer organization. Includes number systems, CPU organization, instruction sets, programming in assembly, memory organization, debugging, program design, and documentation. Covers interrupts, vector tables, and disk I/O.

SEE? Doesn’t that sound ultra boring. Well, it was the single worst class I have ever taken, not only was it insanely hard and confusing.. it was at 8 in the morning!  After that semester was over I promptly changed from Computer Science to Information Technology (as opposed to Information Systems, which focuses a little bit more on the Business facet of Technology).

I am glad to say that I now have one more big personal life goal checked off the list.

  • Mission
  • Marriage
  • Education
  • Kids

Although, the last one is currently under debate in my mind.

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