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October 30, 2010 / Kelvin Jasperson

New Job

So I got a new job.  Well, two of them actually, but one was more of an upgrade.

One- I applied for a new position at UVU in the same department for which I am already working.  I had the skills, so they hired me.  I work about the same number of hours in the week, I do about the same things; I get paid more and I am no longer an “Intern”.

Two- The REAL new job that I got was working with my good friend Brent at MoneyDesktop. He’s a ruby/php developer or systems integrator or API whiz… Well I’m not really sure what he does, but he does work there.

A few months ago MoneyDesktop was in need of a computer dude or basically someone as cool and smart as me.  They needed me to design then create the physical and logical platform for which their still-in-development personal finance product would be launched on.  The CEO wanted a few specific things done and technically a few things needed to be done, but many parts of the system were left up to my creative imagination, hooray.  Not alone, I made this platform which (currently) consists of 4 ESXi servers and ~12 Virtual Machine servers on top of those.  The machines are almost all Ubuntu Server and they all serve different roles in the Service-Oriented Architecture that the new product is built on.

I think my official title is Information Systems Technician.

It’s a pretty sweet gig and I have been learning quite a lot.  I’m pretty glad I have a good job that I actually enjoy, well, two of them actually.

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