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October 20, 2010 / jilleun

proud wife moment

I’m pretty dang proud of my hubs, and I think I can be because I’m his wife. He’s kinda amazing to me and heres why: He has two jobs. (He hasn’t blogged about this but believe me I’ve been on him like white on rice) His days start at 7:30 Monday through Friday, and he doesn’t get home until at least 6:30. Also he can go on almost no sleep the whole week, which I have no concept of since I need at least 8 hours to be a happy camper. Most days he doesn’t even have time to take a lunch break because it takes a good 30 minutes to travel to his second job. *  Oh did I mention he goes to school too! And with school comes dreaded homework, I think I hate his homework more than he does. So you can see he’s pretty busy, Kelvin likes to always joke that having a wife is a full time job as well. Most the time it bugs me when he says that, but he’s a little bit right.  Anyways this post was mostly to say I’m grateful to have a husband that works so hard, and he really is the best. * Don’t think I’m a bad wife because he doesn’t eat lunch I remind him everyday with a text to eat, and I’ve even packed him a lunch more than once!

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