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September 26, 2010 / Kelvin Jasperson

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars was awesome.

How we got involved

We recently finished all three seasons per Luis and Natalia‘s suggestion.  Right after we got married we went to California, and on our way back we stopped at their place and chilled out for a day or so. We had just finished watching Lost; now that we are married we had a “bunch” of time to be together and do things. We like watching TV shows that are already wrapped up, for a few reasons:

  1. We do not have TV, so watching on Netflix is much easier
  2. I hate hate hate ads, especially TV ads
  3. It is much easier to pound through a series if you can watch two to three episodes at a time, instead of having to wait for one episode per week
  4. This is a sub-point to three, hulu usually only stores the last few episodes and that’s not cool
  5. Watching stuff is in our time-frame, not the Network who makes the show

Since Lost was over, we needed something to fill out some of our spare time.

Cue Veronica.

About Neptune, CA

For those not familiar with Veronica Mars, and for those who didn’t follow my Wikipedia link… The show is a about this girl named Veronica that lives in Neptune, CA; she moonlights as a private investigator, helped greatly by her father who is a licensed PI.  At the beginning of each season a mystery is imposed upon the viewers, season one features the murder of Lilly Cane–Veronica’s friend–and the remainder of the season is spent discovering the murderer.  Each episode finds little clues about the larger mystery, but each episode also has a mystery of its own which is generally solved by the end of that episode.

A genius had to have written each of the episodes to make it interesting enough to watch, all the while leading the viewer to both the end of the mystery that is the Lilly Cane murder and the episode-specific mystery.  When the last episode is finally reached the murderer was NOT expected and caught my own sleuthing totally off guard.  In my defense, Veronica does have an advantage, she’s in the fictional universe and I’m just watching her, but she sure does solve that mystery in a very creative, and somewhat serendipitous, way.  There are so many red herrings throw in the mix that we practically had fish for dinner the night of the last episode.


So, everyone knows that TV shows are scripted from start to finish and the actors generally stick to their lines; Veronica was a smart cookie and very quick to respond to any sort of riposte. She had a strong personality and I liked the way she handled most situations.  Sometimes we would scream at the screen “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” because she was being such a noob or doing something just plain illegal; especially when it came to many things involving interpersonal relationships.

Logan Echolls was freaking cool. Most of the time he was a giant tool, but I always really liked him. He had spunk, reassuring confidence and the girls tell me he was cute.  I am on the fence of whether I like his flip-flop attitude, sometimes really sweet and nice, other times a jerkface.  Ever since we started watching Veronica Mars regularly, I have been seeing many more Yellow Nissa Xterra’s. That is the kind of car he drove and I swear he has got to be driving at least one of them here in Provo/Orem.

Yellow Xterra

Yellow Xterra

Wallace Fennel was a good friend to Veronica and I always liked his upbeat attitude, although I hated that stupid girlfriend he got in the second season.  He made a good co-pilot for Veronica in a predominately man-driven society.

… there are others but those are the three that I liked the most.

Thanks Wikimedia for the picture.


I (Jilleun too) really liked Veronica Mars and would recommend it to anyone that can get their hands on it easily.  Excellent acting, although I was skeptical of it in the beginning. Great story overall and clever inner-stories that penetrate the individual episodes. With a fun cast it makes a very engaging TV series.  Yes it takes place primarily in a High School setting, but that doesn’t mean the characters are portrayed as immature.  Sometimes I got a little bit overwhelmed with the teenage drama, but it was also used as an excellent plot-shaping device.

I’d give it a solid 5/5 stars for seasons one and two; 4/5 stars for season three since they jacked up the formulaic plot a little bit.

For those of you that have Netflix, I’ll make it even easier to start: Veronica Mars: Season 1  (2004) at Netflix, every episode in every season is streaming there.



  1. Luis / Sep 27 2010 12:04 AM

    HECK YES! I can die happy! :) If nothing else, you now trust my taste in TV.

    I’m really glad you guys liked it. I will never forget the serious question posed, “So, Luis & Natalia, we have a situation that we need some help with.” To which, Natalia responded, “You clogged the upstairs toilet.”

  2. Brent / Sep 27 2010 12:20 AM

    I heart VM!!!

  3. Kim / Oct 21 2010 8:47 AM

    Excellent. I will watch it now. I just finished the series I was watching and looking for a new one. Good thing I have Netflix.

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