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September 6, 2010 / jilleun

BYU fans for a day

On the first Saturday of September (the 4th), Kelvin and I spent a good chunk of our day pretending to be BYU football fans.

Needless to say we were just pretending. We are both pretty proud to go to UVU, and we both can think of about 50 other things that are more exciting to us than football. Kelvin’s dad called him up on Wednesday and invited us to go with him, Kelvin didn’t realize that it was a BYU game until after the fact. Anyways, we tried to be good sports about it and enjoy the experience but with the sun melting us to death it made it a little more difficult. About half-way through, the sun finally decided to leave us alone, but by then both of our butts were numb from sitting on the super hard metal benches.

We bought some frozen lemonade to distract ourselves, also we were winning.

So all in all I guess it wasn’t so bad, pretending to be a fan for one day. But only one day.



  1. Luis / Sep 6 2010 9:11 AM

    I’ve only been to 1 BYU game. Never again. And it’s not only because it’s BYU, but because I detest the game of football.

  2. Krachel / Sep 7 2010 10:10 AM

    Ha ha ha awesome. I can’t really picture Kelvin at a football game – so I’m glad you took pictures. :)

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