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July 17, 2010 / jilleun

California recap

As you probably know we got married on Thursday the 24th of June and had a reception in California the next weekend on Friday the 2nd on July. With Kelvin’s car not having a cruise control and me not knowing how to drive a stick shift, we decided to break up the driving into two days and stay in Vegas because its about half way.

We arrived in my home town, Coalinga, on Friday afternoon and Kelvin was already to leave because of the heat. We did a few things when we first arrived: like help my mom, and hang out with my younger brothers; then we left to check in to our hotel and get ready for the night. The reception went really well, it was nice to see people and introduce “my husband”, plus it was only 93 degrees. This reception was a little more relaxed, we actually got to still down, have a drink of water and lemonade plus some of our wedding cake! Afterwards, we went back to the hotel open presents with some family. The next day was very low key with swimming, playing with my family, and eating delicious food. I wish we could have stayed longer, I wasn’t ready to leave family, hot weather, and good food.

On Sunday afternoon we headed by to Vegas to stay with our friends Luis and Natalia. We stayed up late into the night talking, and slept in the next morning. We went to the Original Pancake House for “breakfast” and then went on our way back to our home. I don’t have many pictures but here are some..


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  1. Luis / Jul 17 2010 2:07 AM

    HUZZAH! We made it into your blog! My life is complete. :)

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