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July 14, 2010 / Kelvin Jasperson

Free Water, Three free Slim Jims and a clean bill of health

Okay, that clean bill of health might be a bunch of crap.. but the free water and three free Slim Jims are not!

Slim Jim, multiplied

Image from: bennett4senate@flickr

The story goes something like this: We went into Dan’s Grocery to purchase a few days of supplies, just for the Hotel that we were staying in at the time:

  • 12 pack of water (little plastic 12 oz bottles)
  • 2 Slim Jims (one for me, one for her)
  • 2 Plums (ditto)
  • 2 Apples, Granny Apple Green (ditto)
  • Bag of BBQ chips


The lady that checked us scanned two waters, on accident, and then pushed a button to initiate a return and scanned the water again.  So we are at +2 Water, -1 Water. All is good. She then scans the two Slim Jims, while still in return mode.

Maybe because she had to weigh some of them, or enter them in by hand, I’m not sure.. but the next five items rung up just fine. So she gave us the two Slim Jims not only for free, but because they were “returns” at about the cost of the 12 pack of water, we got the water free as well!

What a great deal! We should go to the grocery store more often, right?

Well, to appease all you goody-goody-two-shoes, we didn’t find out until the next night what had happened and we were now nine miles away, or about 15 minutes, driving.  We were leaving the hotel the next morning, so we had a moral dilemma: return to the store to inform them of their $4.00 mistake or write it off?

After a few minutes of guilt-tripping me (thanks honey) Jilleun got her way and we left the hotel around 9:30pm to fix the unintended error.

When we arrived, the same lady that had checked us out before was working again.  To not look like a total idiot when approaching the cashier, I went and grabbed another Slim Jim (also, I had already eaten both mine and hers that same day) then walked up to the counter where she was working.  At first she didn’t understand: Were we returning the merchandise we purchased the day before? After some careful explanation and showing her the receipt (pictured below) it clicked in her mind.  She then cancelled the pending order (for one Slim Jim) and told me to run like the wind.

“These days, people just don’t do that anymore.”

So, in addition to my already free Slim Jim x2 and Water, I got another free Slim Jim, just for trekking the 15 minutes back and showing a little bit of honesty.  Who says that decency doesn’t pay?



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  1. Luis / Jul 14 2010 11:55 PM

    I’m moved by your do-gooder-ness. :D

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