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June 30, 2010 / Kelvin Jasperson

Confessions of an Intern- Part 2

Just past midterm. So far so good.

The stuff I am doing is cool.  The people I work with are cool.  The place I work at is cool (especially the cafeteria food!).  It’s close.  It’s convenient for school since it ain’t far to get from classes to work.  The pay could be better, but I’m not complaining.  Good news: The internship is supposed to last longer than just the short summer months, it will last “as long as I want it to”, nice.

As far as the migration from Netware to Active Directory goes, I have not had a huge part in it.  I suppose that is because it took too long for my boss to get the rights to the AD (Active Directory) tree enough to manage his own stuff, getting me the rights took even longer, since fine-tuning privileges can be difficult for such a large organization.  More good news: I have the proper rights now, and I even wrote my own Power Management group policy for the Windows 7 machines in our OU (Organizational Unit) and identified a security (minor) issue with a group policy that conflicted with a policy higher upstream, which was promptly fixed once the issue was identified and pointed out to the boss. Yay, or something.  Hey, at least they let me do that!

Most of what I have been doing is image creation and deployment, but more on the image creation side.  Learning a ton about Windows PE and Microsoft’s ImageX (an imaging tool akin to Ghost) .  The next thing on my learning to-do list is Enterprise size deployment and post-deployment management, none of this one at a time stuff I’ve been learning and messing around with recently.  UVU uses one of the the Altiris suites (not sure which) to do a lot of that stuff, and I want to learn it in order to better acquaint myself with how an enterprise manages the mass of systems that undoubtedly exist.

More updates to follow.

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