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June 28, 2010 / Kelvin Jasperson


Thursday, June 24th, 2010 in Draper, Utah at ~ 3pm I was married for this life+∞, to my lover: Jilleun.

Hip Hip Hooray!

We exited the Temple and took pictures immediately for approximately 1½ hours (sorry everyone who waited for us!) Then promptly went to In-N-Out in Draper, as requested by JR, on the condition that she would get to wear her apron to shield from an accidental ketchup massacre on her wedding dress.

JR is Happy


Our reception was intentionally small and we only invited family members plus a very few select friends, that way it would be less awkward for me and her.  I don’t like being put into uncomfortable situations, so why would I put myself into one?  There was really only one person that we intentionally didn’t invite that came anyway, but we didn’t talk to them all that much anyway, so I don’t really mind.. I guess..

Jilleun+poof on bed

We mostly avoided all the “traditional” stuff that people like to do at weddings (yawn) such as: Dancing of any kind, toasts of any kind, speeches, a line that has 100 related people in it which the guests have to gauntlet their way through, that garter grossness, and tons of other blah blah blah that people tend to stick to. The only traditions we adhered to was a small poem by her father, the cutting of the cake and a bouquet throwing.  Sorry people who plan weddings with those things in it, I just don’t like them!  Especially the dancing part.

The reception ran from 7pm-9pm, which was probably the fastest two hours that I have ever experienced!  By the time we got there and started our own little two person “line” to greet people, it was time to cut the cake and then walk out the door hand in hand with my new bride!

Sorry for the abuse of the !, it is a very exciting time and I’m so happy to be with her!



  1. Brent Redd / Jun 29 2010 9:35 AM

    Loved the wedding. It was a fun day!

  2. Kelli Brewer / Jun 29 2010 10:59 PM

    You guys are too cute. Did you get free food at In-N-Out? Marriage and stuff probably isn’t as big of a novelty in Utah as it is here. But I still hope you got something free!

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