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June 27, 2010 / Kelvin Jasperson

Boise, Idaho

This last weekend (10th-13th) JR and myself plus my brother along with his wife and his kid all went to Boise, Idaho.  We used Glamor (my car) as a transportation method, which my brother was not too happy about since he doesn’t like the way I drive (which is 100% legal by the way).

The trip was inspired by my friend Skyler, who was married there on Saturday the 12th of June.  He’s always been a good friend since we met, so I went to visit him and see him + his new bride begin their lives together.

Our original plan was to stay at my uninhabited grandparents house while they square-danced the days away in a nearby town, but when the news came that Bryant was going to be with me.. that all changed.  My Grandpa had not seen Bryant’s son since he was born and they thought it was best to skip an activity they love, but do all the time, and spend some time with their grandkids.

For as many times as I have been to Boise, I had not seen all that many things in the town.  When we started driving around, it was like I was an alien in a foreign place, all new to me.  I guess I didn’t get out much.. or maybe more true, when we did get out it was always on foot or with bikes and didn’t get to explore the countryside like we did this time.

A few exciting (but mostly un-pictured) things happened:

  • Idaho State Capitol Building (self tour, including new subterranean wings)
  • Idaho City, Idaho (sweet canyon drive, awesome ice cream)
  • Idaho State Historical Museum (not free, but cool anyway) which was right next to the Library!
  • The Wedding, of course and the reception

Yeah, this article might be true, but I didn’t have 3G most of the time. Ugh.

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