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June 3, 2010 / jilleun

The love nest..well sorta

Today is the beginning of June which means Kelvin and I are getting married THIS month!! Yay!

Okay moving on (literally), Kelvin and I have found a place to live. It’s a basement apartment right by Smiths, its a four duplex with four in the front and there is four in the back as well. We found it on the Classifieds.  The couple that lived there was taking an internship in AZ and wanted to sell their contract asap, so they had paid the whole month of May and half of our deposit which was a nice bonus :) So we started moving in little by little the last three weeks or so, but Kelvin hasn’t fully moved in because there is no Internet. Which is basically like not having water to him, so he’s planning on setting that up so he can officially live there sooner or later. Right now he is just using his cell phone and tethering his laptop to it, which isn’t ideal.

Alas pictures..



  1. Brent Redd / Jun 4 2010 3:54 AM

    Woohoo! I was one of your first visitors. I plan on visiting you very frequently when you are both moved in. You better have real internet by then.

  2. Kelli Brewer / Jun 4 2010 8:15 PM

    I love it! I am like Kelvin – I don’t think I could stomach no internet as well. Can’t wait to see it decorated!!

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