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April 21, 2010 / jilleun

The real reason I want to get married…

is to start a blog! Not really, but let’s be honest I used to fantasize about what I would write about…and now it’s here! So we’re not married yet but Kelvin has been bugging me to get it going so I figured why not?

A little background on us, we’re Kelvin and Jilleun, 24 and 20, tall and short, in love and in love

Kelvin is a full time student at UVU (and he likes to let everyone know it’s a great school) majoring in Information Technology. He loves anything that has to do with computers/ the internet/ electronics/ technology. He grew up in Utah and loves it. His favorite food is pizza.

Jilleun is currently not going to school (and also loves UVU) but hopes to major in Photography. Right now she works part time at a copy center. She grew up in California and loves it more than Kelvin loves Utah. Jilleun loves three things Kelvin/her family, food, and sleep. She loves food so much that she can’t pick just one because there are just too many to list. We’ve been dating a year and half and are getting hitched in June. This little blog is our journal about us taking on the world and how fabulous it will be. I think that’s all for now, oh and we’re way in love.



  1. Brent Redd / Apr 23 2010 1:34 AM

    Woohoo for the new blog!

  2. Kelli Brewer / May 14 2010 10:05 PM

    I heart you both and I am so excited you are fulfilling your dream of having a blog so that I can read it :)

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