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October 18, 2009 / Kelvin Jasperson

Kennecott Utah Copper

Today we went to the Kennecott Copper mine in Bingham Canyon.

It took a lot longer to get there that I had previously imagined, I guess driving west can take a while since there is no freeway to take you there.  I really cannot stand the Bingham Highway, and I was under the influence of Google, so I kinda took a strange route that included mostly quasi-residential roads.  I was fine with that since I wasn’t too concerned about time.  When we got there, the SECURITAS rent-a-cop guy basically told us to turn around because we only had an hour to get up there and get back, a measly 4.25 mile drive.  I don’t hate him, he was just trying to save us the $5 entrance fee, but an hour was more than enough for me to see what I wanted to see and get out of there.  It would have been better during the day since the sun had already set, so the pictures were a bit darker than they could have been.

The tour consisted of paying $5 to get in there; driving 4.25 miles (thankfully the speed limit was 45-50 mph the entire time); parking; looking out at the canyon/pit (see pictures) while reading informational signs they had; going in the visitors center to get warm; reading posters, dioramas, and other informational material in the trailer-home-sized building; watching a 10-15 minute video presentation on not only the mine but the processes and technologies behind the mining->finished product.  When the film was over we were quickly rushed out of the visitor’s center and back into the car.  Their toilets were port-a-potties and their washing station didn’t have any water, just soap.  Which sucked.

Afterward, we came home, ate ice cream, pizza then tried to watch a movie which was canceled due to technical difficulties.

She took all these pictures, except the two of her.  I didn’t edit them, mainly because I was too lazy to.  It’s not like there is anything I need to edit out anyway…  Also, the pictures all have crazy file names because I was forced into using Photorec since the SD card I gave the Girl to use went crazy after she inserted it into her computer.

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