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August 24, 2009 / Kelvin Jasperson

Rexburg, Blessing

This weekend we (Girl, Mom, me) all went to Rexburg to experience my cousin Jen’s baby blessing. There was also a wedding on that side of the family that we barely caught. We drove there (4 hours) arrived just after the Wedding party was over.. lots and lots of drinking, bleh. Went to a hotel where maternal Grandparents were staying, dropped my mother off with them. We stopped at Applebee’s where we had a very unenthusiastic waiter wearing a Football jersey. Then on to a small town between IF and Rexburg where a majority of the family was staying. That is where we slept. Woke up, hung out at the grandparental hotel for a little bit, then to Church where the blessing was to take place. It was the first chapel I’ve ever seen with stadium seating and at least 1000 crying children, all of whom were never taken out by their parents to the foyers.  After, we ate a small meal and drove home.

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