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July 19, 2009 / Kelvin Jasperson

What has happened? What is happening?

My eldest brother was very mad that I did not inform him right away that I had asked the Girl’s father for permission to marry her.  We are not engaged!  Why does everyone feel the need to harass us to pieces?

Since most people are in the dark about things like this, I will go ahead and tell what happened and what we plan for the next year or so.. Well, the day before we left California her parents took us out to eat at a nice meat-based restaurant (Harris Ranch) near their home.  After the waitress had taken our order her father immediately asked me “What are you intentions with my daughter?”  I claimed that I wanted to marry her.  He gave permission, and then started asking questions about our plans for the future.  Here are the answers to the most common questions:

  • What? Marriage.
  • Who? Your daughter.
  • When? 9 months to a year (probably end of May to June) although I’m shooting for June 24th.
  • Where? Draper Temple.
  • Why? Love!

For one of the holidays earlier this year, I purchased a large amount of post-it notes (700-800) and made a giant heart on her wall, then threw the other half all over her bed with love notes written on each of the 800.  Currently she sticks love notes on my door made from post-it notes.  This YouTube video reminds me of us.

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