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June 20, 2009 / Kelvin Jasperson


Yesterday I went on a super long walk with the Girl.  I have a borrowed Canon Rebel XT from my father, it takes pretty good pictures even though he only gave it to us with the stock lens.  There was something sketchy wrong with the memory card, so near the end of our walk it would “take” four to five pictures, but only keep two of them, then it would throw an error.  Quite obnoxious.  So there were a few pictures that I really enjoyed which were eventually deleted.  I supposed that is alright, since we took almost 150 pictures in two hours time.  It got a little too late, near the end to take pictures that looked good since the sun was going down and we were usually walking by some buildings which cast and even larger shadow on our subjects.

Here are a few of my favorite ones:

The pictures are huge, so I resized them with Google’s Picasa.  In addition to that, I kept the EXIF information (metadata) intact.

Also, she took just as many or more pictures as I did with the same camera, but I am leaving it up to her to post her own pictures.

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